Fire trucks

09/21/19 quote 



Young boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up another day older.

Johnnie Depp


Abel enjoyed the fire truck at Disneyland  so much he did not want leave. 


It’s so weird waking up each morning and seeing our little boy getting so big. It’s sad sometimes but I have to remember that it’s all apart of life and that we as parent just have to take in the moments we have with them. Take as many pictures/ video as you can with them because it’s all we have to remember when the are all grown up. 

Being greatful...

This past weekend was a busy one but I am greatful as to how it went because it made me appreciate everything I have. 


So a couple of weeks ago my brother invited me to help with a homeless outreach program the day before Easter, that he does with this group that he is in called the XJL(extreme justice league), the group basically dresses up as super hero’s and helps out in the  community( and they do a pretty good job at it) . Now I wasn’t sure what to expect, because I had never done a homeless outreach like this before, So I told him I would come along and take some pictures of his crew helping out the homeless.


Saturday finally arrives and my brother picks me up around 9am and we start heading down to downtown San Diego. Now if you’re like me the first thing you think of when you hear of the city San Diego is a ton beaches and great weather, But what people don’t realize about San Diego is that there is mass amounts of homeless people that Roam the city. We went closer to downtown San Diego to meet up with the rest of crew that was helping out so they could give a rundown of what was going to happen. They were ready to hand out a lot of stuff such as water, clothes, food, etc. and at the time I was thinking how are we going to find enough homeless people to give all this stuff too.


Now here comes the sad truth about San Diego... as we were walking deeper into the city to get to our Rendeveous, the stench of urine and feces became more and more evident, trash and old clothes were scattered around as if a small tornado had hit the town. Then you start seeing person after person sleeping on the floor and if they were lucky, you would see some of them sleeping in their tents, but all of them had shopping baskets full of their belongings. I also noticed that some of these people had some real disabilities which was really hard to witness.


When we finally get to our destination the XJL team started setting up all the stuff they were going to give away and right away you can see people lining up to receive whatever they could. Now like I said before I thought they had brought a lot of stuff to give away, but within the hour all the stuff was handed out. So overall the event was a success. One thing I did notice was the attitude of some these people who were down on their luck. Some of them despite their situation still had smiles on their faces and very greatful for what was being done for them, which says a lot about all we take for granted in our daily lives.


If I learned anything from this day is that even in the times when it seems impossible to smile, those are the times that we need to smile the most because we have a lot to be greatful for and we should never take any of that for granted.

-Season Of Love Photography

Back to reality...

Wow! What a week. Today we come back home from our week vacation and honestly I’m happy to be home. Now I’m not saying we didn’t have a great time because we had an awesome time, it’s just that We haven’t seen our children in what feels like forever and we are just excited to see them again.


This was the first time my wife has ever been on a cruise, and this was my first time being on a cruise that didn’t have War aircrafts on it lol, but it was really fun for the both of us ( especially since all the food and drinks were included). We were able to enjoy the cruise with my mom, step dad, sister and brother ( which wouldnt have been as fun without them). The ship we were on was amazing to say the least. They had everything you could possibly want including water slides, rope climbing , games and much much more. 



Out first stop was George Town in the Cayman Islands and we had a turtle excursion. I have to admit I wasn’t too excited about because I was thinking how much fun can you have with turtles, but to my surprise ... a lot! Not only we’re we able to hold them but we also got to feed them, and swim with them (which was amazing) before I knew it the excursion was coming to an end and I was a little bummed. 


Our next stop was beautiful Jamaica and as soon as you get off the ship you can hear the music and it just makes you want to dance lol. There’s people dancing, singing, crafting everywhere. The only downside is that the people there are presisitant with what they are offering and they do not like to to take no for an answer. Everywhere we went there was a least two or three people trying to sell us things that we didn’t want. Other than that we took a long walk through the city and got to witness the beautiful land that is Jamaica. 


Our third stop stop was supposed to be Stirrup Bahamas, but the sea got a little rough during our transit there and they cancelled it and we went straight to Nassau Bahama. The good thing about the cancelling of Stirrup was we were able to spend two days at Nassue which meant we were able to explore a lot of the city. The wife and I got to see the Atlantis resort and their huge aquarium, after that we strolled down to the beach to catch some rays for a couple of hours then we walked around and seen a lot of their monuments ( totally recommend btw if you go to the Bahamas).


All in all it was a much needed vacation with my wife and we have to thank my mom and step dad for brining us along. As of right now we’re anxiously awaiting our flight home so we can see our babies. Please keep an eye out for all the pictures we will be uploading the next few days on our social media accounts and let us know what you think.



have a great day!