first time the wife and I have been away from the kids.... ever ! We are going on a 7 day cruise which starts in Miami. We are really hoping to make the most out of this trip and take as many pictures as possible ( I mean are you really a photographer if you don’t take a million photos while on vacation? Lol) 



the trip started off on a 4 hour plane ride to Miami from San Diego, which was not as bad as I had imagined, considering I had a middle seat. The flight was real smooth and I had plenty of movies to keep me occupied, but on my flight I happen to notice the person next to me writing on a note pad ( it looked like she was writing notes for a new book or new plans for a company) and on this note pad I noticed the phrase “avoiding failure” but that got me thinking as to why someone would want to avoid failure..?

To me, avoiding failure means “no room to grow,” failure should be embraced and taken in stride because if we don’t fail then we don’t learn. Failure is what makes a success story truely extraordinary and everyone deserves a success story they are proud of. 


More updates to come as our trip continues...