Busy rhymes with busy...

Its been a really busy month for us over here. From doing photoshoots, to having family events almost every weekend, we haven't had much of a break. Not that Im complaining, because staying busy makes for good photos, and good photos make for great memories.

This last weekend we got to spend our Saturday at Seaworld in San Diego celebrating my mother-in-law's birthday. I was a little weary at first due to it being the middle of summer and I burn easy, also my wife and I have two young children. To my surprise the weather was on my side and my kids absolutely loved it. This was my daughters first time visiting a theme park and even though she probably wont remember going, it was a good time to take some family pictures.

My son absolutely loved all the different fish (I think mostly because he has seen "finding Dory" like a million times) but i think his favorite part of the park were the turtles because he did not want to leave. My daughter is always happy, so it was hard to tell if she was more happy that she was at Seasworld or that was her normal self lol

Overall it was just a great time to spend with the family. When you are busy day in and day out, it is hard to find that quality time to spend with the ones you love.

My wife and I are  trying our best to keep up with the blogs so please be patient with us as we get back into our groove of things. We really appreciate everyone who has supported us though out journey.


With much love

-Season of Love Photography