Bathing In Style.

We as parents know how day to day life with our children can get a little mundane. So if you are like my wife then you like to change up the daily routine every once in a while. My wife loves to take advantage of her surroundings and it just so happens that we were at my mom's house this week. My mom's house is really beautiful with a lot of great amenities, and one of those is a awesome deep sink so my wife decided to take my daughter a bath in the sink like they did back in the day. Now before you say anything about contamination of the sink, she deep cleaned it before and after the bath so no worries there 


My daughter seemed to love it a lot, and i'm pretty sure she enjoyed the change of scenery from the everyday bathtub, plus its been pretty hot lately and this can be a good alternative to lugging all your stuff to the pool, this applies mainly for infants of course, if you have a toddler or older it might take a little more creativity to beat the heat.  So it doesn't take a lot to change up your everyday routine sometimes you just got to pay attention to your surroundings and make the best out of it. 

We didn't want to make this blog too long because we have some good stuff brewing up for our next one so stay tuned and we will try to have it out by the end of the weekend. As always thank you for all the love and support and ...

Never stop shooting,

-Season of Love Photography